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Super Sandwich Bar

Add a variety of spreads, and other condiments to Cook's Spiral-Sliced Ham to create a sandwich bar. A ham sandwich bar is great for parties, especially the big game, and is also a great way to serve appetizers for holiday gatherings. Guests create their own sandwich with plenty of freshly sliced ham and one or more of the spreads and accompaniments served on a soft roll. It is served at room temperature so the Super Sandwich Bar can be presented on a table and guests can create their own sandwiches all day.

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Suggested accompaniments to the cooked Spiral-Sliced Ham:
Plenty of soft bread rolls
Bread and Butter pickles
Dill pickles
Sliced roast pork from the deli
Thinly sliced Swiss cheese

Suggested Spreads:
Black Bean Spread
Cuban Olive Spread