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Cooks Ham Tortilla Christmas Tree

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  • * 1 pound Leftover Cook's Bone-In ham
  • * 6 ounces cream cheese, whipped
  • * 1 cup Sliced sharp Cheddar cheese
  • * 1/2 cup red bell pepper, sliced into thin strips
  • * 6 (6-inch) spinach flour tortillas


  1. Slice ham into approximately 1/2" wide strips.
  2. Spread an even, thin layer of cream cheese over the entire surface of the tortilla.
  3. Place two strips of ham side by side along the lower third of the tortilla, so that they extend from one end of the tortilla.
  4. Line both sides of the ham strips with two strips of red pepper, and then one slice of cheese each; six strips total.
  5. Fold tortilla edge over entire contents and roll tightly.
  6. Cut into 1” pinwheels.
  7. Stack layers of pinwheels in rings one on top of another, decreasing the size of each ring until you reach the top of the tree.
  8. Dress your tree with cranberries, or star-shaped cutouts of red or yellow pepper.


Makes approximately 36 pinwheels, or
enough to build one small tree.