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Carved from the Bone®

CarveMaster™ “Flat” Pit Ham CarveMaster™ “Flat” Pit Ham
Available Sizes + Flavor Profiles:

  • CarveMaster™ “Flat” Pit Ham (Serves: 25-30)
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CarveMaster™ “Flat” Pit Ham

Product Description

Friends and family will be impressed by this unique ham…with its flat profile and mouth watering taste, you’ll be sure to please just about anyone. You’ll be wowed by how easy this ham is to prepare and serve. These hams are slow smoked using real Applewood for a rich, naturally sweet smoky flavor. Each ham comes with a packet of Cook’s own signature Sweet Ham Glaze with extra to use as a dipping sauce.


CURED WITH: Water, Dextrose, Contains 2% or less of Salt, Sodium Phosphates, Potassium Acetate, Potassium Lactate, Sodium Diacetate, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite.