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Bone-In Hams : Premium

Available Sizes + Flavor Profiles:

  • Classic Reduced Sodium Half (Serves: 15-20)
  • Half (Serves: 15-20)
  • Whole (Serves: 30-40)
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Semi-Boneless Hams

Product Description

Cook's Semi-Boneless Hams are now fully cooked! This means they may be eaten cold or heated. The ham only needs to be heated through if serving warm.

With fewer bones and less fat, Cook's Semi-Boneless Hams are a great value. With two of the three bones removed, carving and serving are much easier. With only the center bone remaining, your family can still can enjoy the great taste and flavor that only a Cook's bone-in ham can offer, plus the added value of more lean meat and the convenience of less bone.


CURED WITH: Water, Dextrose, Salt, Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Nitrite.